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Amino - new UI toolkit for desktop Java applications

I want to introduce you to Amino - a graphic library and a very cool UI toolkit. The library was originally developed by Leonardo Sketch as an auxiliary, but now it becomes an independent product. Now Amino is in a state of early alpha-version and is a 100% open source Java library, which has the following advantages:

Whoever wants to start, can read getting started , which will show how to make a completely basic application. Amino's Swing developers seem fairly obvious, but it’s important to take into account certain differences:

What is the difference between Amino and JavaFX and other UI platforms

Amino is not so innovative. On the contrary, Amino has absorbed the best ideas of the past 20 years, which manifested themselves in various tulkits. The best was chosen, and any negative points were either improved, or they were somehow thrown out.

The main influence on Amino was JavaFX and Swing. At JavaOne 2010, Oracle announced that JavaFX 2.0 will follow the path with Java, which makes JavaFX even more similar to Amino. But despite all the similarities, there are several differences:

What is expected from the ultimate developers

Amino is in the early alpha version and everyone clearly understands what this means. Aspirations are certainly great, but so far we have a slow, miserable and buggy release. So the first task before the end users of the toolkit is to search for available bugs, so go ahead to the site for the latest version. If you are interested in this project, then there is the following front of tasks:

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