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Australia can still install Internet filter

In Australia, the threat of introducing an Internet filter has reappeared. The fact is that the supporter of the idea of ​​creating such a filter that limits Australians from undesirable content is that country's Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She said today that her return to this idea was caused by the “moral side of the issue.” It is worth recalling that in Australia child pornography, scenes of rape, various video instructions for the preparation of drugs, etc., are considered to be undesirable content. All this was going to block last year, but did not grow together because of the elections.

In addition, almost all large and not very Internet companies, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others, opposed the introduction of the filter. These companies claimed that the introduction of the filter is contrary to various laws and violates human rights. Anyway, the introduction of Internet filters, as opposed to such projects, is the beginning of establishing control over the entire Network, regardless of the goodwill of the creators of such schemes.
Australian Prime Minister said that he could not imagine how a normal adult could go, and, for example, watch something similar in a cinema - for Julia Gillard herself, the above content is simply unacceptable.

In July, the introduction of the filter was suspended, or rather, the whole project “hung in the air” because of the national elections held in the country. Well, now, as legislators believe, you can return to the consideration of the project. Disagreeing with all this, users of the Australian segment of the Network, as well as citizens of other countries, launched an online campaign, the purpose of which is to prevent the introduction of any filters on the Network. Opponents of the filter claim that this is only the beginning, which will lead to network control, as in Iran or China (not to mention North Korea, in which there is practically no Internet).

Technical experts are concerned about the possibility of network bandwidth violations as a result of the implementation of the filter and in general the methods that will be used in the implementation of this project.

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