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How I extracted the Internet in Belarus

Every 2-3 months of duty, I have to go to Minsk and every time I face the problem of Internet mining.
An open WiFi access point is simply unrealistic.
I settled this time in a hotel in Belarus. I went up to the girl at the reception and asked how I could connect to WiFi, I wanted to get the password as usual, but it was not there. The girl politely replied that you need to buy a card, but they do not sell cards. You can buy only on the main mail.
I take a taxi, 10 minutes and I'm there. I went to the window, politely I ask the girl the most card with the maximum number of minutes. It turned out that the maximum is 180 and this pleasure costs 40.000 local people, which is about $ 13.
Before giving me 7 cards, and that was all that was available, they asked me for a passport. We entered the passport number and the number of each card in the system. Total control =)
I wonder if there are countries where things are worse?


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105997/

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