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New version of a desktop broker from CITRIX

At the Citrix Synergy conference taking place these days, Citrix announced a new version of XenDesktop software version 5. As usual, everything new is better than old and of course more technological.

We are waiting for information about specific innovations.

In the meantime, all users of Citrix XenDesktop, with an active subscription, can download Feature Pack 2, which includes XenClient and XenVault.

Actually, XenClient has recently reached Release status and is ready to use.
In fact, XenClient is a Xen hypervisor adapted to the realities of workstations - fewer instructions, another type of technology. However, despite its desktop product, an interesting and useful functionality allows for the simultaneous operation of several operating systems on one computer. As a guest OS, Citrix employees were able to run NetScaller (load balancer).
Also, when using XenClient in XenDesktop, Citrix Receiver allows, when connected to the Internet, to connect to the company's data center and synchronize the changed data. This functionality allows the user, when a laptop is lost / broken, not to involve the company's IT specialists to take a new, technology-supporting laptop, and restore the last synchronized state on it.
XenClient was created by Citrix in conjunction with Intel and uses vPro functionality? which imposes a restriction on the use of the product - not all workstations are supported for installation. This limitation is in the hands of many competitors, who in large numbers have begun to represent their client hypervisors based on VmWare Workstation, which are deprived of such restrictions.

XenVault is a tool aimed primarily at business, allowing you to create an encrypted data repository on which Sensitive documents will be stored. If, for example, a laptop is lost, the person who has found it will not be able to use the information received.

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