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How disputes grow into projects

The idea of ​​the project began with the fact that my colleague and I argued that if we collected feedback from car owners on tires and compared with the test results of magazines produced in Russia, such as Autoreview or Driving, and others, the results would not be the same. .

And this will happen only if you take reviews, which will be relatively objective information, that is, do not take in the statistics reviews like "very bad tires" or "I like everything."

To test this hypothesis, we have collected reviews that mention two tire models and make comparisons. For comparisons, we chose several criteria that can generally be distinguished from reviews and which are understandable to all (controllability, aquaplaning, behavior on ice, etc.). So we got the initial statistics from which our project grew as a result. Tyresaddict.ru

For a start, a small update on the subject of Habr

The fact is that reviews about tires are usually weakly structured and there is not so much useful information in its pure form when recalling to one model. Adding ratings to reviews on the same _one_ model also does not show the really important differences between them.

The method of leaving reviews in which two models are compared in our opinion turned out to be more relevant in a particular niche. This was developed in the interfaces of the site.

What happened as a result

After the collection, we got a base with quite interesting results. For example, on the existing data it turned out that the model that consistently falls into the top of our magazines (Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7) turned out to be very noisy and, according to some car owners, has problems with controllability, and according to the results of the winter tires top, for some reason, nacking Hakka came out ahead .

That is why, having received not quite the results we expected, we decided to continue our work and turn it into a project. There are actually two reasons: the number of reviews is enough to get a preliminary analysis, but not enough for full-fledged large-scale statistics, and it would also be foolish to quit just what we already received.

What happened

Since Habr is technologically advanced, and not a car website, I’ll tell you about exactly which technological things we have done:

- First, the reviews, as it turned out, the thing is very subjective, so we decided to give users only comparative reviews. And since most of the resources, on which the parameters are indicated on a scale of 1-10, people usually score either 1 or 10 :) and the result is porridge, we abandoned it in favor of simple estimates, worse-better.

- Secondly, since we have data on the use of tires on different machines, we have the opportunity to build application analytics and tops for different brands of cars.

- We decided to add tests to our site, but, unlike many resources, we compared tests for different magazines and resources and different release years for a particular tire model. By the way, for example, it turned out that such tires as the Pirelli Winter Carving Edge received similar marks in tests behind the steering wheel exclusively chaotically. What I think is very strange.

- In order to monetize, we have invited and continue to invite tire shops to us, so that we can not only compare tires but also look at proposals for them. Now we already have about 10 thousand items from stores from Moscow and St. Petersburg on the site, but this is far from the limit.

“Finally, we decided to allow users to copy tire tread images to forums and blogs. It turned out that this banal "feature" is needed by very many.


Reasonable criticism is welcome, we are very interested to hear from you about our methodology in the first place, of course, comments on the site and of course, go and use the resource.

PS We have connected reformal for suggestions for improving the project and reporting problems.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105994/

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