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Rework in Russian - a brief overview

Hi, habrudruzya!
As already discussed here, the book 37 signals “Rework” was published in Russian.
I would like to share with you my opinion about her.
Many have been waiting for this book. Among them was me. Rework impressed me even in the English version. It was necessary to find out how good he is in Russian.
By the way, in the books of the publishing house Mann-Ivanov-Ferber in the end there is information that you can send your favorite book, which you think should be published. And if it is published, your name will be immortalized on its pages. And I sent over half a year ago to them Rework. But the myth itself beat me :)

From the first lines you can feel the rich practical experience of the authors, which greatly distinguishes Rework from many other popular business books. For example, from Funky Forever Business, Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, where they only talk about the experiences of other companies. David and Jason are honest with us when they talk about their business. It seems that you are talking to them on some kind of get-together and get the necessary advice. And the corresponding words and phrases are used: “Copy drug dealers. Make your product fantastically good. Addictive. "; “Scrub where it itches” (develop what you yourself will use) and so on.
Some chapters resemble demotivators. That is, it seems that the authors write “as if about you, about your company” and get straight to the point. For example, when it comes to overtime work, smoothly flowing into the IBD. That's why you believe them.

David and Jason act like the “myth destroyers” - they take the example of the company's traditional development and destroy it to pieces. "Why grow? .. Grow slowly and watch your feelings - premature hiring employees for many companies is tantamount to death"; "Do less than competitors"; "Remember: your day is under siege of constant interruptions. Your task is to win him back! The worst kind of breaks is meetings. ”
Rework is easy and fast to read. Something like a mix of “Fight and do” by Richard Branson and “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson. That is, there are two main advantages of the book: it motivates, contains many useful and applicable recommendations in practice. Yes, here it is worth noting that this all applies to IT companies. As for other industries, perhaps some things will not apply.
Marketers from departments that do not exist, specialists in PR, business owners, startups are required to read.

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