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New in accounting of sum and exchange differences

New in accounting of sum and exchange differences
from January 1, 2007

One day seminar
June 19, 2007

1. Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of November 27, 2006 No. 154n “On Approval of the Accounting Regulation“ Accounting of Assets and Liabilities, the value of which is expressed in foreign currency (PBU 3/2006) ”and comparison with PBU 3/2000.
2. New in accounting at the seller when he implements goods, works, services for rubles is equivalent to the amount in foreign currency or cu. New requirements for completing Form 2 Profit and Loss Statement.
3. New in assessing the initial value of fixed assets, raw materials (materials), goods, works, services purchased by the buyer for rubles equivalent to the amount in foreign currency or cu.
4. Taxation of sum differences on income tax.
5. Problem issues of calculating VAT on obligations expressed equivalently in the amount in foreign currency or USD, but subject to execution in rubles.
6. Exchange differences in 2007 when making settlements in foreign currency for liabilities expressed in foreign currency.

Duration of training: from 10 to 17 hours (with a break for lunch and coffee break).

Place of study: Moscow, 5 min. walk from m. Akademicheskaya.

Tuition: 4900 rubles. (VAT included).
(The price includes: handout, coffee break, lunch at a restaurant).

In the absence of the opportunity to attend the workshop, we offer to purchase its video version on DVD / CD discs or video cassettes (the author's handout is attached).
The price of the video course is 3500 rubles, including VAT.

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