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HTC Tattoo Orange UK and simlock

It all started with a cute and unpretentious HTC Tattoo on eBay in England for a reasonably low price with a decent kit. To tell and prove why I took it I do not see the point, I saw it from a friend - I liked it, I decided to take it myself. Buy bought, but inadvertently missed the carrier in the description of the lot. Sim-lok stood on the operator Orange UK . Before the parcel arrived, it was googled and tried to reassure itself that some sort of unlock service would help. But it was not there…

Having received the phone, inserted the SIM card, made sure - asks for the unlock code, the network does not see. I bought the code, entered it - it says “The network is unlocked”, but it also does not catch the opsos and when rebooting the situation repeats: enter the code, the network “unlocks” - zero emotion.
Googling the problem I found out that the doorjamb in the radio module of the phone, namely, Orange, pissed off something with his party’s code and even HTC’s official unlock codes do not help. I went through several ROMs - the effect is zero, at the time from Orange, none of the developers of the firmware climbed.

The solution, however, was found on one of the foreign forums - to use the SIM-unlock Rebel Simcard. Forked out on her and until yesterday used it to her.
This device looks like this:

It is placed between the operator's SIM card and SIM card slot. Replaces SIM operator codes for what the device needs.
There are also cheap Chinese counterparts, but at that moment (as it was in May) I wanted to get a guaranteed working device as quickly as possible, therefore I forked over RebelSim.
I calmed down and forgot about the problem for four months, no discomfort and, including 3G, which we just recently appeared in Kirovo-Chepetsk, works without problems. Taki knowingly bought the device, even taking into account all the costs, it turned out cheaper than in Russia.

I digress from the topic: there are similar unlock cards for iPhone and other phones, thousands of them .

Yesterday, crawling on the site developer firmware MoDaCo stumbled on the topic Orange release repack - this enables the code based SIM unlock . Yes, it is dated June! Well, I just did not bother. :)
The guys did get to the radio module. I downloaded, flashed, tried the unlock code purchased in May - and voila! The device is unlocked!

You can download here and a mirror .

The firmware mechanism is the same as for a regular ROM: backup, flash, load, unlock with code, recover from backup.

In theory, you can flash one radio module, I immediately poured all the firmware after a full backup and was unlocked.
There is no Russian language in the firmware, so I went back to the ROM I needed without reloading the radio module, everything works with a bang!
PS: RebelSim left until better times, the benefit is that this card is quietly suited to other devices (HTC Hero 100%). I took mine from this seller.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105983/

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