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CDNvideo content delivery network - project news

image Dear Habraludi!

2 months have passed since we first told about our project in Habré - a distributed network of HTTP and streaming servers with nodes in Russia, Ukraine and Western Europe. Then we received a lot of feedback, questions and valuable advice from Habralyu. I want to report back to the Habrasoobshchestvo about what we have been doing the last 2 months and how to bring your wishes to life - welcome visitors under cat.

I also want to invite everyone to our F6 booth at the Russian Internet Week exhibition next week (October 21-23). I will tell you a little secret - at our booth we will entertain guests with a game of “Mafia” with two charming leading girls :) If the Internet at the exhibition is of good enough quality, we will definitely conduct a live broadcast from the booth.

So, the report on our works of the righteous:

First, we broadcast several “big” football matches on the websites of our clients, and now we can say with confidence that our network can withstand broadcasts for at least 20,000 Internet users.

Secondly, we have written several APIs that allow customers to better understand what is happening with their content within our network and manage their services. In particular, the API allows you to view the status of the network and the number of connections to video streams. In the near future, we will also make an API for clearing the cache at the request of those of our clients who use video distribution services, games clients and other static content via HTTP.

Thirdly, we have learned not only to broadcast to mobile (we are now broadcasting for Russia-24 ), but also to make applications that refer to our broadcasts take in the Appstore. Only those applications with streaming video that meet the requirements of the Appstore are taken there: in particular, streaming video must be multi-bitrate and contain a stream with a bitrate not higher than 64 kbps.

Fourth, we have implemented a system that allows downloading, transcoding and storing static videos. This system can be useful for quickly creating video hosting from scratch. Now the system is available in closed beta testing mode, the first 3 users can give it free access in exchange for valuable comments.

Fifth, according to numerous requests from Habralyuds, we introduced unlimited tariffs . They are intended primarily for those who do not really want to deal with terabytes, gigabytes and bitrates to find out how much he will pay for our services - now we have tariffs, payment for which depends only on the number of simultaneous broadcasts per month.

Sixth, we participated in the SCT , our performance there can be seen here (second video, starting at 31 minutes).

As usual, we are waiting for constructive criticism and valuable advice :) Thanks in advance!

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