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Canonical vs. Microsoft? Cool story bro

This article was written on the topic. Therefore, I decided to post a topic on the same blog.

I think that a very good moment has come for us to eat off Microsoft’s market share of Microsoft’s operating systems.
And at the same time I think that Canonical will now miss this moment by its own stupidity.

Holivar on “Windows vs Linux”, arguing why the percentage of Linux desktops is so small compared to Windows, for some reason, many overlook the fact that Microsoft has agreements with every imaginable manufacturer of desktops, laptops, netbooks, etc. about preinstalling Windows on manufactured products. In particular, this topic has not yet emerged in the topic itself or in the discussion.
Nevertheless, imho, the technical details of each of the systems fade into the background when you understand how much work on the “hilling” of computer electronics manufacturers has been done by Microsoft.

You go, here, to the store computer, and there on any conceivable computer - Windows. If you take any peripheral device (keyboard, headphones, webcam) from the shelf - you will always see “Windows 7 compatible” or something like that. But it is here that an ordinary buyer will come to choose his computer. Particularly “advanced” will also run into “Dell Recommended Windows”, browsing the websites of leading vendors before going to the store. The choice, as such, is not even worth it. About Linux and about such “trifles” as the fact that there does not start Photoshop, that some Ubuntu was released there with a bug in the switch layouts, people have never heard of it. And while this situation with manufacturers remains, they will not hear.

And if the situation with some of the vendors begins to change not in favor of Windows, Microsoft has a couple of trump cards in its sleeves, such as revising the pricing policy for OEM for a given manufacturer, intimidating patents, etc.

I myself have been using linux on the desktop for about 6 years already. The last 4 are on kubuntu. I am pleased with everyone. I remember they had a specific file, when, after one of the updates, the X's stopped running. But promptly fixed. I use and find great programs so hated by many Gimp and OpenOffice. I play in Urban Terror.

Wife absolutely no sense in computers. Since the computer and laptop in the house with kubuntu, “migrated” to Linux :-) The whole migration consisted in moving from windows messenger to kopete. She did not notice the change of browser. Subsequently, she found amarok and dolphin.

Why these last two paragraphs (yes, somehow I abruptly switched from discussing the relationship of computer manufacturers with Microsoft to my personal life). And the fact that a person has one feature - get used to everything. I, an inveterate geek, got used to Linux. My wife, in fact my antipode in everything that concerns computers, is used to Linux. Most ordinary computer users are now accustomed to Windows with all its flaws (monopoly of one manufacturer, viruses, proprietary ...). Yes, what is already there, under DOS once sat. And nothing, did not complain. If one day all Windows computers sold in stores suddenly change to Linux (well, let's imagine that Microsoft was sued, cut into pieces and banned from producing software), they will get used to Linux. How rude it does not sound, but “people are eating”. And neither the lack of Photoshop with games, nor the bug with the switch of layouts, nor the lack of settings for ubunt passing from Windows in the installer will prevent this.

The first time, of course, will be disgruntled, there will be petitions on the Internet “return our Windows”, there will be ostentatious returns of computers to stores. But for how long? Vendors will sing their song about “the availability of thousands of free programs that are not inferior to proprietary counterparts” and that “now you do not need an antivirus”. Dell will post a banner on “Dell Recommended Ubuntu”. And after a couple of months, your son classmates at recess will say that Windows - old.

Let's be realistic. It is extremely difficult to eat off a substantial share of the desktop operating system from Microsoft. Contracts are signed. Supply channels are established. Yes, and windows 7, judging by the reviews, was a success. And at Canonical, if Ubuntu be at least three times better, there is little leverage to somehow influence it.

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