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MarkUp. Mark what you need and send!

Today we will talk about a curious web application that allows you to quickly mark the necessary information on the page, write a note, and then send it all to a friend. The service is simply indispensable for students who need to exchange voluminous documents with important places to read. On the page, you can annotate everything with comments.
In general, when faced with the need to note important theses, I found this very MarkUp . A small bookmarklet is installed for work, which controls all the work. The service earned on Chromium 8, Google Chrome 6, Maxthon 3, ChromePlus At Opera, he was godlessly buggy, but developers can fix it, because the service is in raw beta.

An example of marks on the volume article in Wikipedia
After viewing the marks, you can run a page without marks.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105973/

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