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Method of one day

Monday begins on Saturday.
A. Strugatsky, B. Strugatsky.

The past is forgotten, the future is hidden, the present is granted. Therefore, his name is real!
Wise Turtle from Kung Fu Panda

Today we will talk about the method that I use when I get out of my plans and lazily do something at all. I know there are people who do not like planning. There are people who do not like to think. There are those who simply do not understand how his body works. I have been in all these states, sharing experiences.

The method is based on one thought: there is only one day, today, in which you need to do everything to the maximum for the result.

Under the cut a simple scheme how to achieve this.

So, the approach consists in the following steps:

If someone has already invented this, or there is a better option - offer improvements in the comments!

UPD: We advised a great site and application for Android to automate the process!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105970/

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