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Support Details - support without torment

All developers (especially web applications) faced with one very important problem - namely, user support. The technical knowledge of users is very often lower than the baseline, so instead of a clear bug or problem submission, we get something like:
Preamily, I will give it to Wax at the end of the roboit farm? 77

Well or more competent from the housewife, but any more informative. Since all psychics are on indefinite leave, the maximum that can be guessed is the Windows platform (due to the popularity of the platform among Runet users). But a web developer needs to find out the browser version and much more. In order to avoid long tortures (yourself and the user), there is a convenient web-service Emulus Support Details .

On this service, you can easily find out the operating system, browser version, version of Adobe Flash, as well as a number of other information. Moreover, all of this can be easily exported to * .pdf, * .csv, as well as sent to an e-mail with the sender. Thus, without long attempts to find out the configuration and explanations of where to find out and where to click, you can get all the necessary information. The service will benefit first of all to Flash application developers and customer support services.



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