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About time management, self-development and money

I want to talk about why the approaches that people start to apply after reading this or that book from the field of time-management or financial management do not work separately.

The whole point is that these books often provide only a ready-made tool, which, however, is not for everyone. And in order to apply the tool, you first need to learn the basics of the business you are going to undertake.

For example, driving a car. First, a person changes his habits, attitudes, brings simple actions to automatism. Then he takes an exam, and only then he leaves the road and begins to gain real experience, during which he becomes a master.
And when we talk about time management, the following often happens. A man read one book, one day he tried to keep timekeeping - he quit, lazily. I wrote a plan for the week, month, year, and never opened them. The next day, he wrote a plan for the first three days, and then abandoned it - because he did not have time for anything.

Or with money.

The situation is the following: a person read a book, began to write down his daily expenses. And a week later he abandoned. The budget did not fit. and abandoned.

And so - in all the majority. There is no time, it does not work the first time, they tried and got tired, it does not work and so on - I heard all this many times.

What is the reason why some people succeed in this and others do not? The answer is simple: your brain. Yes, he is. It contains your habits, your character, your desires, experiences, views on life, attitudes to different things, and so on. And this whole machine is afraid of changes in everything, and does not allow you to introduce them into your life, and is the root of laziness and most of your failures. And it turns out because some people initially all the components are set up for the development of new activities.

But everyone can develop themselves to such an extent that change is easy.

I want to share a few ideas and empirical schemes that I apply everywhere, as well as a specific description of what I have done right now.

Brain Ideas:

Ideas in general:

Specific finance solutions that I apply.

Specific solutions for the tasks that I apply.

Here, I shared my personal experience, I urge you to share your own in the comments. Sharing other people's experiences is the best learning. And yes, who have not read Rework yet - I highly recommend it!

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