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My experience of restoring vision

This summer I was left to myself for a while - I sent all of my people away from the smoke, and without thinking twice, I decided to improve my health a little. It’s not easy to sign up for a gym and pump up “squares” for the beach, but rather to be examined by some doctors in order to work out for themselves the vector of further actions so as not to turn into a “vegetable” at all.


I will tell you only about my experience in restoring vision — it is precisely this one that is most at risk for any “computer” person.

Generally, I don’t like trips to doctors, especially voluntary ones - you don’t have to wait for good from a free city hospital, and in any paid clinic the desire to be healthy disappears even at the stage of studying the price list for services) Nevertheless, I decided. I do not specifically call the names of the medical institution, so that once again you will not focus on advertising; I can only say that I did not go to any specialized centers - it was a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic clinic in my city, chosen solely for reasons of “closer to home”. I think there are similar places in any town.

See u

image Vision began to bother me even in school years - sitting even on the second desk of the blackboard, I did not see very clearly everything that was written on it. I didn’t even consider the “glasses” option - I couldn’t get the trick to imperceptible to everyone with cunning squinting) But for me personally it was all so uncomfortable ... just so ... that I didn’t do anything for a couple of years. At the institute it was even worse - from distant rows of the audience I looked at all somewhere in the astral plane, and I had to simply write off all the information from my neighbors on the desk.

Then a pile of iron machine appeared. I almost did not break the rules - I tried all the time to follow signs that ... that's right, the images on which I managed to examine only the immediate vicinity. Well, well, all sorts of danger signs, "stop" and other "give way" can be seen a mile away, but to see something on the shield at the junction ... well, thanks to the navigators :)

And, surprisingly, I actually saw quite well - all the colors, the details and everything, everything. There was not enough sharpness, and for the most part only far away - from a distance of a meter I easily read even the smallest text and distinguish pixels on the monitor. As you might have guessed, in medicine this is called accommodation spasm, which in my (and in your) case has begun to develop particularly strongly since the advent of the computer.

Some of the Internet:
Accommodation (from the Latin. Accommodatio - adaptation, adjustment) - the adaptation of an organ or organism as a whole to changes in external conditions. Most often, the term is used in describing changes in the refractive power of the optical system of the eye for the perception of objects located at different distances.

Accommodation spasm (or false myopia) is a long-lasting, spastic contraction of the ciliary muscle that continues after the eye has ceased to fix a close object in conditions of visual fatigue. Usually occurs as a result of visual fatigue when working at close range. The cause of the disease progression can be a dozen reasons, and the strength of the spasm can reach from 1 to 3 diopters.
For completeness, I propose to consider the structure of the human eye ( another picture ) - the optical system, which is in mobility to focus on an object. Optical instruments such as binoculars have wheels for adjusting sharpness. The eye has a ciliary muscle as such a “wheel”, which deforms the lens to better focus the image on the retina. Like any muscle of the body, it may experience fatigue during prolonged overvoltage - in this case, the eye loses its ability to respond to a change in focal length.
Simply put, accommodation spasm is the result of severe visual fatigue; if you have been sitting at the same table for several years, at the same monitor, at a constant distance from your eyes, this muscle will get used to being at the same voltage - when the screen is in focus. Accordingly, you will see especially well at this distance, and in all other cases the eye will be "lazy." More precisely, it is the muscles of the eye - with the retina and other elements of the eye everything can be in perfect order. I read all this at school, and at the optics course at the institute everything was just confirmed.

Try 1

Once I got sick of it all - I arrived at the clinic and my aunt in a white coat performed all the necessary examinations. Because surgically, accommodation spasm is not treated, but about glasses and speech could not be, then we decided to stay on the lenses. In the next half hour about the fascinating world of lenses, I knew almost everything and even more; in addition to the lenses, I was also sold almost a bucket of maintenance fluid, some gloves, cones, tweezers, and something else. As a final chord, they helped me to insert the lenses in the right places - all under the strict guidance.


About half a day of my joy, there was no limit - my eyesight was back and everything. At bedtime, foreign bodies had to be pulled out, and the reserves of patience were spent in the morning. You have to go to the institute, and I’m both right and that — the lenses will stick together, then they will not fit, they will stick to the eyelashes, they will fall down and stick together even more, then ... well, then I went to the “blind” again. After a couple of days of such agony, I safely got rid of these stuffs. The hands of the optimist dropped.

Try 2

This summer I was luckier - this time I got a more intelligent doctor. As in this article, it all started with the theory, on the visual picture on the wall of the ophthalmologic office. All lucidly told and shown, offered several options - as it turned out, lenses did not fit my view at all. The sentence looked like this:


Eye drops Taufon - the same bubble that recently hit the frame of one of the reviews. 4% sterile solution designed for stimulating regeneration and reparation processes - the FIG knows what it is, but at first it pinches the eyes a little, and after a while it becomes much easier.

Irifrin eye drops are a more “heavy” drug for treating a lot of things, but in my case it gave the muscles of the eye to relax and relieve tension. According to the doctor, this slurry can cause some “clouding” of the view, so taking drops is best when the eyes are not needed, that is, during sleep. I put the vial under the pillow and remembered it through the night.

I also remember several vitamins on my choice - I don’t remember anymore, but it seemed that when buying I was guided by the fact that it was circled with a pen on paper ... or maybe something else ... I had already eaten everything - they were quite unpleasant taste capsules, but for the sake of good things can and be patient.

But the drops are all pampering - the laser treatment procedure turned out to be much more interesting.

10 times in each eye

Once the eye muscles stop working effectively, they need to begin to train. One of the most effective ways is laser stimulation, although I had a whole set of exercises.

It all started with the ophthalmic instrument LOT-01 , intended for the treatment of a large number of any ills. The device is a control unit with a screen, a dozen keys and interchangeable “nozzles”.


In my case, there was a speckle nozzle CH-01 , it is also a red helium-neon laser with a high degree of temporal and spatial coherence (radiation wavelength - 0.63 micron, Radiation power - 2 mW). He did not penetrate into the essence of the biological processes that take place when the radiation of such a laser interacts with eye tissues, the most important thing is the result.


I came every day and sat down ... damn it ... at the computer) I closed one eye, and to the other I brought a black laser tube at a large angle, inside which a frosted glass was inserted. A couple of button presses and the glass begins to glow with static red dots - apparently, this is the very radiation. At the same time, it was necessary to look at the monitor with an open eye - there was a whole video series consisting of all sorts of epileptic pictures - yellow and blue circles, everything is moving, moving, shaking - upyachka is resting. All this lasts a few minutes - if you look thoughtfully, you could feel a slight eye strain. Then all this had to be repeated with the second eye, closing the first.


After the laser on the computer, it was necessary to launch a “game” with the name “Spiders” - another horror of the ophthalmologic office) An application from the last century, accompanied by eerie sounds from the system dynamics - the point is to combine the centers of two “spirals”, one of which is mobile. Because of the large number of "rays", it was sometimes quite problematic to do this, but after a couple of days it was all done with almost closed eyes. At the very end , an image of a spider and a handful of flies appeared on the screen - oh, yes, the imagination of the developers;) On the other hand, this is for the children.

Being a person who is constantly carrying a flash drive with me, I shamelessly copied these dos applications, but for some reason I haven’t launched any of them in Win7 (there was XP in the hospital). You can try - here is the archive and the result of its scanning on VirusTotal.

The final stage of each session was an amazing thing, which is on the Internet at the request of Medoptika-TAK6.0 or Brook ) Gravitsappa is an elongated bar, at the beginning of which a large lens is installed, followed by a set of light emitters. All this is intended to train accommodation by discrete sequential presentation of signs at a fixed distance from the eye - they are observed by one eye (monocular principle of action), while the second must be closed again.


In general, you look at this lens at the "washers" protruding from the bar - luminous letters (or some other images) appear successively on them. At all this, you should try to focus your eyesight - if in the usual situation it is not difficult, then with an installed lens it is not so easy; At first I couldn’t see the symbols on distant washers (where the image is the largest), but by the end of the course, my eyes seemed to be quite able to cope with this task. The interval of the glow is adjustable - at the fastest speed (when you only have time to realize that it is already on fire) the eye literally starts to ache from the tension, which, in fact, was required. There are about 6 or 8 different work programs there - a very exciting thing and, I think, it was she who played the biggest role in my adventures.


All of the above described took about 20 minutes a day, it was possible to enter the oculist’s office without a queue - the devices were in the next room and I didn’t bother anyone. Roughly speaking, he treated himself, because the intervention of the doctor was no longer required.

From free alternatives - the same charge for the eyes, the description of which is limited to the vast majority of articles about vision. Blinks, blinks, etc., all there, I don’t want to repeat, you will find all this without any problems yourself. But if you advise any suitable unobtrusive program to remind you to do the exercises, then I will only be grateful - I do exercises, but sometimes I forget about it.

Another plus of my workplace on the balcony is a wonderful endless view of greenery and the Moscow River outside the window. The point on the glass set by the marker allows, without looking up from the computer (even during the smallest pause, for example, when the interlocutor answers in ICQ), to train the “focusing” - a very cool exercise! Of course, not a "streamlet", but also as an option.

Now you can see the dirt on the windows - time to wash the windows)

For those who do not have a window at the workplace, I can advise one more simple exercise. Rub your hands together strongly to make them feel hot ... and immediately attach them to your eyes (so that the light does not penetrate at all), then, without removing your hands, try to look at infinity for a while - you can try right now :)


I lost a piece of paper from the re-examination, but some numbers have changed there (I still confuse them) - I still haven’t seen the “last line”, but I began to see 1 or 2 lines better than the original without tension. There is already no self-deception and self-suggestion - a fact is a fact. In real life, this was checked on the very first subway ride - I hadn’t seen the signatures of stops on the map from the opposite side of the car, but now I read them quite clearly. On the road, it also became more comfortable - the navigator is still with me, but the signs (including number plates) have become more readable. And, best of all, my eyes, eyelids and temples almost stopped hurting - even if I spend 12-15 hours behind the monitor.

By the way, if you want, I can tell you about memory training, thanks to which I quickly remembered the subway map and in the foreseeable future I want to learn a map of Moscow. Although this is, in principle, the most common mnemonic)


700 rubles - doctor's appointment
3300 rubles - 10 "laser" sessions (330 rubles at a time)
1000 rubles - drops, vitamins and other chemicals

Morally, I was preparing for more impressive spending, but I spent a total of only 5,000 rubles. For all.
Laser installation at home is not needed, but you can easily train the whole family with a “streamlet” - if you wish, you can buy this thing for expensive (about 12k), but your eyes also need constant training.

By the time I did it exactly at 10 days.

The end

After some 10 days, I, in the literal sense of the word, began to see clearly - without any operations, glasses or other lenses. And even though I try not to show it, waves of joy are raging somewhere inside me - it is very pleasant, it's normal to see anew; all the more so when almost no faith in a happy outcome without any operations. Now the main thing - do not run acquired, and if you try hard, the vision can become even better. In general, time and money definitely spent for good reason.


I was lucky to some extent - I already had a second decade behind the monitor, but my case was not so neglected; so the eye drops in one of the recent reviews was not at all the anti-advertising of the Dell monitor) But all people are different, so I do not advise you to rely on the prescription I was given - most likely you will be prescribed some other course of treatment, an individual one. I do not want to force anyone to drop everything and go to the hospital - you are already adults and you should understand everything yourself, as well as be aware of your “weak points”. There is nothing to be afraid of here - it is much worse to be lazy and inactive.
As for the back, it is to some extent a curve for everyone, but this is definitely not for the habr. In short, in my life now appeared the most ordinary massage, hiking in the pool, horizontal bars in the morning and, of course, a comfortable computer chair, which I already wrote :)

Take care of your health - this is the most expensive thing you have.

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