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New HTC on WP7: Surround, Trophy, Mozart and Pro

In addition to the flagship HD7 at the Microsoft launch event, other new products were demonstrated: HTC 7 Surround, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Pro.


This family is based on the Qualcomm QSD8250 hardware platform, the processor frequency is 1 GHz. Also, smartphones are equipped with 576 MB of RAM, 512 MB of ROM, 8/16 GB of internal memory based on a non-removable microSD card, 5 MPks camera with LED flash. Display resolution for all models is 800x480 pixels.
Also new support for recording HD-video 720p and Dolby Mobile surround sound technology. Despite numerous rumors, all smartphones are equipped with a standard WP7 interface. Customization from HTC is available as a separate hub.

HTC 7 Surround

The most interesting is the new HTC 7 Surround, which is a horizontal slider, but instead of the usual keyboard, a real powerful and high-quality speaker appears in front of us.

The display diagonal is 3.8 ", which, together with kick-stand and 8 GB of internal memory, makes this smartphone quite unique in its class. At the moment, the Surround output is scheduled only in the USA and Canada, the European announcement has not yet been determined.

HTC 7 Trophy

HTC 7 Trophy is a simple touchscreen monoblock with a screen diagonal of 3.8 ". In addition, the Trophy has 8 GB of internal memory. The smartphone is available in Europe from October 21 only with a Vodafone operator contract.

HTC 7 Mozart

A distinctive feature of the HTC 7 Mozart is the unibody-aluminum body, as well as the 8 MPx camera with a xenon flash. The diagonal of the screen is 3.7 ", the amount of internal memory - 8 GB. Mozart will be on sale on October 21 in the vast majority of European mobile operators (T-Mobile, Orange).

HTC 7 Pro

Finally, the HTC 7 Pro is a horizontal QWERTY slider, a successor to the HTC Touch Pro / Pro2. The diagonal of the screen is 3.6 ", and the amount of internal memory is 16 GB. 7 Pro is designed to work in networks of the CDMA operator Sprint. The GSM version is expected in early 2011.


The requirements of Microsoft are paramount, for this reason HTC Sense in WP7 models had to be abandoned. Now, all customization from HTC is available as a separate hub (the pictures are clickable):

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image image image

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