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Why I use IM less and less

Each of us certainly has an ICQ number, a GoogleTalk account or something similar.
Every time we spend time at the computer, we turn on the IM client and go online.

Possessing a large number of contacts, sometimes you often have to be distracted from ordinary computer affairs and respond to incoming messages, and they sometimes translate into a long conversation.
We do not notice this, but it is so "squandering" our free time, which is terrible to imagine.

Previously, I did not pay attention to it, but communication in IM is extremely slow and inconvenient .
Judge for yourself on a simple example. An unfamiliar contact is addressed to you asking for help. You, considering that the question is one and short, listen to it and answer it, but the user continues to ask questions and get you. You will either kindly send it, or to the ignore list. Why? Because such consultations take an incredibly long time. And the most interesting thing is that the answer to the question you are asked is easy to find just like that in a search engine.
There are also friends who love to ask primitive and stereotypical questions "How are you?", Etc.
And a bunch of examples. And not everyone can quickly print and respond. In short, the point is that it eats up a lot of time. Often we are distracted from important work. Of course, you can turn off IM, but if you communicate with someone there really is work ... There are various Invisible-modes, but most IM clients easily track the “invisible”.

Why did we forget about incredibly convenient e-mail?
It is better not to think. In the letter, you can write anything, attach a picture, file. Do not worry if the message has arrived or not (Delivery Report) , and the most important advantage is that you can reply to e-mail whenever it suits you. Nobody urges you to answer instantly as in IM, you calmly finish your important business, and then you devote time to answering emails.
You say, and if you need to contact us promptly? In, so if you need to quickly contact, use a mobile phone. Almost sure that everyone with whom you communicate on work / business in IM-clients have a cell phone. So you can call, and in a couple of minutes you can tell everything you need and find out everything you need. If your partner is abroad, use Skype. And if he does not have Skype, then SkypeOut is a cheap solution to the problem. Yes, and IP-telephony in general is now all cheaper and more convenient.

To summarize, I just want to say that when you think about your time, “nafig” you get off these IM. There is an e-mail, there is a cellular, there is a Skype to the extreme. Do not need anything else.
And IM is entertainment , entertainment, and unfortunately, a waste of your precious time.

All of the above is my personal opinion; I refused to use ICQ and GTalk frequently, but I admit that I used IM for a very long time. I do not urge you to abandon them altogether, I simply ask you to pay attention to how much time you spend in them.

Also, me and other habra people would be interested to know how you feel about using IM, and why do you use them at all?

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