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Today, tests were performed on the transition to ICQ 7

Recently, a friend asked me - why was there no serious problems with asya this year?
I then answered that probably for closer to the end-of-life 6.5
They asked - so he came.

Those who were on the network didn’t notice anything, but those who, like me, decided to reboot, came across the fact that the server offers them to use the seventh version.
(for a wave of panic - you can watch here )

What's happened?
This is a planned transition to the 7th version of the official ICQ client.
This happened the day before, when everyone who logged in as the 5th version of ICQ was simply cut off.
When logging in to the server login, the client sends its version. Since the ICQ network is designed only for official clients, all alternatives at the entrance also send some version of the official one.
As far as I know, almost everyone used one of ICQ 6.5 builds.
Now ICQ simply stops authorizing all clients that identify themselves younger than ICQ 7th, sending them a link to download the latest version.

Current events are not as terrible as what was January 21, 2009, when everything was much more tragic.
At 18:14, the first message about the restoration of functioning appeared.
In my opinion, what happened was a check of the update system, which will be included on a permanent basis a bit later.
Or any errors were found that caused the system to temporarily roll back.

In addition, in the future there may be more serious restrictions, like last year. True, this is pure assumption.

The comments expressed an interesting version of the fact that this update is associated with the new owners of ICQ and using Mail.RU search.

We are waiting for those who wish to discuss as usual in icq_stop@conference.jabber.ru

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