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Amazon Kindle 3 - Warranty Replacement / Refund

Just a few weeks after the arrival of the reading room and a few days after writing the review , Half failed to drop the device and crashed the screen. Disgusted terribly - no luck on her reading room, which I urged her.

Got to google the screen replacement options and found that Amazon in such cases makes a replacement. It was hard to believe, but there were no other options at all.

First I went to the site and left a message in a special form. The next day I received a letter with an offer to do a full reboot of the device (hold the power slider for more than 15 seconds) and, if it does not help, call the contact center numbers. Naturally, by shtatovskim numbers. In principle, they have a free callback service, but this does not apply to our countries.
The replacement and return procedure is carried out only through a telephone conversation.

Okay, I called (speaking in English), confirmed my identity (order number, first / last name and address) and told a sad story about falling from a height of 1-1.5 feet (yes, I understood that I was talking to an American) and a broken Kindle. At the same time I wondered if I could take a version with 3G instead of a simple Kindle 3. I was periodically asked again if I mean exactly this or that (the conversation was recorded, what was warned at the beginning). Then the interlocutor asked to wait, and switched. I returned a few minutes later and informed me that he would send me a code for returning a broken device and upon receipt I would be refunded.
The whole conversation took about 15 minutes.

They sent me a link to the mail, which was a picture with an address and a barcode that needed to be printed and pasted onto the parcel. Printed, pasted, sent (by regular mail). Dispatch cost less than $ 15.

After a little more than 2 weeks, I received a message that the return was accepted and the money was returned to me.

And here is another surprise: the money is returned including the cost of delivery . And this is almost $ 20 in this case.
The money was returned directly to the card from which the payment was made.

In total, the replacement of an accidentally killed device costs the cost of an international telephone conversation (a huge selection of options) and sending a parcel to the States.
Not sure if a similar service is available for other readers.

PS Yes, I already ordered the option with 3G and a native case. To avoid :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105945/

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