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TDK showed 1 TB optical drive

We have already heard that huge volumes of optical discs, up to 1 TB, are being worked on, but even armed with such rumors were surprised after the TDK announcement of a working prototype terabyte monster at the CEATEC exhibition today.


Unlike existing Blu-ray discs, which mostly use four working layers, TDK created a disc with 16 working layers on both sides of the disc, each layer able to hold 32 GB of data. If you follow the evolution of optical media, you should know that this is 7 GB more than the layers of 400 and 500 GB of Pioneer laser discs demonstrated in 2008.
Moreover, the TDK prototype benefits from existing Blu-ray technology, since it is made from the same materials and works with a beam of the same aperture.

Unfortunately, the technology is not compatible with existing equipment — the recording layer in this disc is 260 nm thick — more than twice as thick as the Blu-ray recording layer, which leads to aberrations in existing optical lenses.

TDK says that “the success of technology commercialization depends on disk manufacturers”. Considering that the company has not yet implemented the 320 GB disks shown at CEATEC 2009, the appearance of “terabyte discs” on store shelves in the near future is very doubtful.

Source: Engadget

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