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My first day with Jabra BT3030

Good afternoon, dear readers, in this post I would like to tell you my opinion about the newly acquired headset, but first I would like to express my dissatisfaction with g-mob.ru, where on Saturday I ordered this headset, the manager promised that on Monday will pick up, but unfortunately did not work out. All due to the fact that the careless manager incorrectly filled out an application for a warehouse, and I, respectively, were not brought a headset. I had to buy in Euroset. But let's not talk about sad things, and see all the goodies and delights of this headset ... Beware, pictures!

People are met by clothes, and devices - by box. Well, let's start with her!

It looks very nice, well-packed, solid box, plastic window on top.

In the configuration, I found a disk with a manual, a little book-manual, a charger, a medallion clothespin for clothes and additional ear cushions (2 pairs) of various sizes, a chain, headphones, and the medallion itself:

The medallion has a pleasant to the touch body, metal, and on the sides of a rubber boot. The buttons do not seem small, they are pressed with a characteristic click, with convex elements denoting their functionality:

Below, on the medallion there is an inscription of the manufacturer, and at the same time a light-emitting diode combining the ability to shine green, yellow, red, blue and purple. Also in the upper left corner you can see a hole under the microphone, the sound through which is transmitted very well, even in noisy environments.

Headphones-vacuum in the kit give a very good and clear sound, with bass, the cable is thoughtfully short, but as far as necessary. For example, I can easily wear my ears on the collar of a T-shirt, and the wires do not bother me. But, I guess, I’ll be wearing a headset not with my own ears, but with the famous Porta Pro, I’m used to it very much, but this is a completely different story ...

Well, let's summarize:



But if you do not pay attention to such minor drawbacks, then we can say that the headset is worthy of 4.5, and that, just because there is no limit to perfection.
PS My first BT-headset. Still comfortable :)

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