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Microsoft is looking for IE9 / HTML5 Technical Evangelist

As you know, one of the main directions of development of IE9 is to support web standards, including everything related to HTML5.

In this regard, the position of IE9 / HTML5 Technical Evangelist is open at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond - the person who will be “the face of Microsoft” in the web developer community. A rather emotional description of a dream job can be found in the blog of a potential employer Tim Sneath.
If you want to try yourself in this beautiful business, send your resume to the Microsoft Careers website. A more formalized description of requirements and activities is also available there.

Below is a little about examples of HTML5 technology right on Habré:

Pakman on HTML5

In the meantime, on the IE9 beta special project page, you can play the good old pacman and evaluate any browser to support this technology:


Habrahabr on HTML5 beta

How will Habr on HTML5 soon look here . While there are not so many features, but there is something to look at. For example, you can change the navigation menu on your own:



Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105930/

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