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How to set a task for employees

Our main activity is the creation of programs to automate business processes. While working with clients, we analyze not only the shortcomings of software products, but also the shortcomings, if I may say so, of clients. And these shortcomings are written off on the program or automation in principle. Therefore, we analyze such shortcomings, decide, make changes to the program.

We bring to your attention a non-standard task for IT specialists, especially programmers. Of course, no ready solution with code is required. The task, rather, on logic.

Take the most common process - setting the task leader. Implementing such a module in the program is not a problem. The manager in the program window formulates the task, assigns the executors, specifies the dates and budget. You can also assign additional functions, such as priority, etc.
And where would you think the problem lies? That's right, in the formulation of the problem. Well, which of the employees did not come across tasks in the “Dig from here to lunch” or “Guess, they say, myself” format? We decided to analyze and made such conclusions.


  1. Not the last place in the list of reasons is the ability of the head of the words to make the text. Not everyone can correctly and clearly state their thoughts. If the task is set orally, then there are fewer problems. Gestures, facial expressions and subtlety shrewdness can help out. But the written language is different from the oral.
  2. Vocabulary of the head. This applies not only to general vocabulary. Only in particularly terrible cases, managers use only interjections and mats. It so happens that the head is not very well versed in the subject of subordinates. Therefore, it does not use special terms or phrases adopted in this environment. And it happens the other way around. The head is full of terms, and subordinates without “Google” and “Yandex dictionaries” will not understand them.
  3. The lack of a vision of "How to do it" and "What should be." Managers in most cases set the direction for subordinates. For example, make it work and take up little space. And they are trying to formulate tasks themselves and somehow solve them. What will come of it? The next task from the manager, which will begin with the words “Does not fit. Make it so that ... ".
  4. A task has several tasks. Instead of separating them, the manager reels everything into a bundle of complex sentences.

It is clear that all this leads to the inefficient performance of the task by the subordinates. As a result, the head curses subordinates, work and automation.
Of course, you can take on an impossible mission, to teach managers to formulate tasks correctly. But we are for automation. Therefore, as they say, the actual question is: “Is it possible, and if possible, how can the program implement the correctness of the statement of the text task to the subordinate by the head?”.

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