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Create an Ajax form with a database, field validation, E-mail notifications and captcha in 5 minutes

We offer no less - to create with our help Ajax-forms of any complexity with field validation, captcha and other options, such as, for example, the possibility of moderating the added record, setting up an e-mail to which notifications about filling out the form will be sent. and many others.
To create a form, the user must perform the following steps:

Everything, you embed the received code into your site and use the form.

For more detailed acquaintance with the system, any user can go to the video page.

Note that when a user creates a web form, an associated database is automatically created in which the information added to the form fields embedded on the site will be saved. The owner of the database stored on our servers at any time will be able to use the data at its discretion, for example, export it to Excel, create an e-mail list, edit.

PS The purpose of this habratopik is to demonstrate some of the features of the MyTaskHelper system . You can learn more about the project from the habratopic published earlier.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105908/

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