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3G / 4G mobile router from TRENDnet + Skylink modem

We use our usual USB modem of cellular operators or Yota with a TEW-655BR3G combine. Flight is normal! The device allows you to provide Internet access for a small wireless network in an area where mobile networks of the third and fourth generation are deployed.

The router supports a large list of usb modems of all mobile operators in the country, including 3G modems MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Skylink and also supports Yota modem - Samsung SWC-U 200. The full list of supported modems at the time of writing the review (firmware 1.07) is available on the official manufacturer's page http://trendnet.ru/products/catalog/TEW-655BR3G-modems.php.

Complete set and appearance
The kit TRENDnet TEW-655BR3G includes:
• the device itself
• power adapter
• battery
• drive and user manual,
• Ethernet cable that is crimped on both sides.
The device has a nice appearance, on the front side of the black glossy case are the device operation indicators: Power On / Off, wireless connection indicator, modem 3G / 4G connection indicator and Ethernet.

The router is very compact (107 x 76 x 21 mm) and has a small weight - 97.4 g.

Sideways located: a connector for a 3G / 4G usb modem, a reset button, a WPS button that activates the Wi-Fi protect function.

Behind are the Ethernet port, the on / off button of the device, the connector for the power adapter.

Photo of the router with a modem ZTE from Skylink

Setup and Web Interface
Trendnet TEW-655BR3G is very easy to use and configure, any user can configure it. To connect to the device, simply dial in the browser line , it is possible to connect via Wi Fi or via Ethernet.

The web interface is easy to learn, in the “Status” mode all useful information is displayed, unfortunately, except for the battery charge. After logging in to the administrator account (standard password is admin), the router offers two types of settings: Advanced Setup and Wizard.

Setup example for Skylink

To configure under Yota, it is enough to change the Wan Type value from 3G to Wibro.

In work
With tests in Moscow, the router showed itself with dignity. With active use, he worked for two hours on the battery, which is quite a good result. It should be noted that when using the router in the car, it is possible to recharge it from the cigarette lighter power adapter from Trendnet TA-CC, which is commercially available.
SPEEDTEST ON IPhone test results

Ring Road, SKYLINK modem

Moscow, Volgorad Prospect, SKYLINK modem

• Supports IEEE 802.11n protocol;
• Mobility;
• Support for 3G / 4G modems;
• Easy setup and installation;
• Warranty - 3 years.
• Availability in the sale of automotive power adapter
• Lack of hardware / software battery charge indicator.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105907/

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