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TeeWorlds on Android

Teeworlds on Android
Interesting news for owners of devices on the Android OS and Teeworlds fans! Appeared the first normal port of this wonderful game on our devices. As the developers say (and I agree with them), the port is almost unplayable, but you can already see the list of games, see and edit the settings, connect to the game and run-shoot (usually with lags). Immediately noticeable is that the game under Adnroid OS is not strong and sharpened, since the settings page completely coincides with the settings page on the PC.

After installing the game from Market, you will be prompted to choose a place where you can download the game’s cache, as well as some control settings. For devices without a keyboard, it is possible to control the G-sensor, which, of course, is not very convenient for a shooter.

Also, the author said that he would not develop further the port of the game, while someone will take to help the development.
In general, it is very interesting if the craftsmen massively start porting various OpenSource games to Android OS.

Link to Market:

UPD: Checked only on HTC Legend (Android 2.1), so it may not work on less weak phones.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105905/

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