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The final of the world championship on overclocking Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2010

Gigabyte has been supporting overclockers for a long time. In 2008, the first championship organized by this company brought Russia silver medals, but after that there was a lull. The failures in the European qualifying stages were logical and continued in all competitions until 2010. In June, our colleague habrayumer slamms took fifth place in the regional final and won the right to speak at the GOOC2010 world championship. And less than a week ago, in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, the final competitions were held, which I will tell you about.
ATTENTION! Many photos under the cut

Day 1 (tentative).
We arrived very early at the meeting point at the hotel - around 12 o'clock in the afternoon local time, and the welcome dinner was set for only 18-00. Free time was occupied by meeting and chatting with old friends.

Future battlefield

First row perica_barii (Serbia), NickShih (Taiwan), slamms (Russia)
The meal was held in a small restaurant called Alleycat`s (which means “At the stray cat”).

Vlad is pleased =)

Opening speech by Tim Handley

Winner of the Gigabyte Biggest Fan - M.Beier competition from Denmark.

Serbian colleague - perica_barii

Massman stern

Vlad with a restaurant symbol in his hands

List of participants

Our little team (we drink, of course, green tea =))

There will be a struggle for the championship


Street advertising
Friendly gatherings continued in the lobby bar, and then just on the street next to the hotel.

Hotel staff was shocked after that

Local barley

Rows thinned.

Processing judges

And from this the staff was in shock

Slavic brotherhood
Meanwhile, the start of the competition was approaching ...

Day 2 (Competitive)

Of course, some people regretted having too much fun yesterday.

Belgians have breakfast. Breakfast in full.
Fortunately, the Russians were in combat form, and Vlad quickly set about collecting the stand.

And what will be here?

Patriot two.

Vladik comes inside

And here is our flag on the map

Next to a loved one

We assemble a stand

Fan Club number 1

I could not resist and joined the knights

And in this box it was possible to lower the coupon for voting.

Vladik is cheerful and cheerful

Legend and leader of the world ranking was busy with judicial issues.
The colorful discovery included several speeches from the organizers and a small drummer show.

Participants fought for it

And for that, of course, too
Participants were given 4 hours and 50 minutes to complete the four tests - wPrime 32M, SuperPi 32M, PiFast and MaxxMem. Usually the tests were divided by time frames, but now the organizers decided not to distract the guys from the stands with interruptions and provided complete freedom of action.

Serbian contestant

Turkish overclocker

A warning

Lots of nitrogen

Massman is cheerful despite Epic Fail
The fight was serious, the Romanians broke out in the first place from the very beginning, but what happened in the camp of the chasers ...
Overclockers from Hong Kong, China and Indonesia hung literally on the tail, the gap was minimal, but no one could reach the leader. Vlad did not drop out of the top ten, at one time even ranked third, but the processor did not allow him more. An hour before the end the table looked like this: 1. Romania, 2. Hong Kong, 3. China, 4. Indonesia, 5. Russia.
The gap between them was only 10 points, and the first four places were in the range of 4 points. Nervous tension reached a maximum, a colleague from Romania simply could not find a place for himself. Time flew for some and for others. And the leader found the strength to make the final spurt. Having improved the result in PiFast, matose broke away from his pursuers at a distance of 12 points and deservedly won. The Russian participant in the end remained fifth, bringing to his asset the best result in the MaxxMem discipline.

And Vlad and not upset
The tears of the winners, the devastated faces of the failed competitors, the joy of the winners - all this was on the stage and in the hall during the awards ceremony.

Happy faces
The party about the end of the championship turned out to be very warm and friendly, despite the “military actions” in the competition hall, the past hours were all cheerfully discussing at the bar.


It's just truffman

Fan Guinness number 1

But we still have ...

Easy, everything will be.

Well nifiga you give.

And Vladik just drank beer

Madhouse =)

As usual, the group photo was taken about 15 minutes and no one succeeded =)
Most overclockers rushed to a nightclub, accelerate longing, and the press went to the hotel, preparing for a press conference.

Day 3 (press conference)
Gigabyte organized a special press conference for journalists, many of whom are themselves overclockers. To satisfy the curiosity of the audience should have been Tim Handley and Jackson Hsu.

Most of the questions, of course, were devoted to the release of SandyBridge processors and, as a result, Gigabyte motherboards for them. No responses were received, only promises and assurances that it will be possible to overclock these processors. After that, we returned to questions about the cards currently being released.

It became known that Gigabyte does not plan to assign proper names to the boards, like some of its competitors. We also found out that the miniITX market will gradually be developed and besides the already released and very successful H55N-UD3 model, other “babies” will appear.

The recently demonstrated board on a black PCB based on the Intel P67 chipset will give life to the whole line. Now, in the top Gigabyte products, black will be used instead of the traditional blue PCB. Changes in the middle and lower price segments are not expected.

Advertising on the largest computer market

And we are next to her

Oh, and here everything is like us

Vladka beckons homeland =)

Day 4 (farewell)

On the last day of our stay in Taiwan, we were invited to visit the second tallest building in the world - the tower-skyscraper Taipei 101.

Vlad and Janet

I and the Serbs, and as always Truffman in the frame

In order not to interfere, I decided to specifically take a picture with him
Gathering in the morning after breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we went to the destination. For a fee, it was possible to lift almost to the very top of the building and explore the surroundings from a bird's-eye view.

Wow, what a height

Vlad at the entrance

And we were fed with crabs
I did not want to part, but I had to. Quietly, taxis were taken away to the airport in accordance with the schedule of their flights, and leaving the hotel one of the last, the Russians warmly said goodbye to their old and new friends.
Thank you so much Gigabyte for such a wonderful event.
Yours sincerely.


And of course a bonus in the form of the ladies decorating the event.


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