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Lubuntu 10.10 released

Following Ubuntu , version 10.10 and the Lubuntu distribution came out .

On the Lubuntu on Habré already told more than once, in particular, the topic about the release of version 10.04 was quite complete.

In short, this is a project whose goal is to create a lightweight, energy-efficient distribution with low resource consumption. LXDE is used as a desktop manager.

According to the Linux Magazine test results, compared to Xubuntu and Ubuntu, the Lubuntu distribution uses almost half the memory of a typical desktop installation, and almost three times less when booting from a Live CD.

Changes in the new version


Standard Applications

New topic

A new and fresh theme created by Rafael Laguna is available.

Installation Slideshow

When installed, a slideshow about Lubuntu is shown.

Indicator support

Lxpanel now supports Ubuntu indicator applets (disabled by default).

New metapackages
LXDE Updates

Both regular updates of the LXDE and Ubuntu packages are also included in Lubuntu.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105896/

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