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Experts predict the emergence of "intelligent" viruses

The intelligence of malware, according to some computer security experts, will be the ability to study the habits of certain users in order to conduct an attack focused on one person. Already, “behavioral” programs and services are not something new: for a long time advertising services have learned how to determine age, gender, social status, favorite topics on the Web, and other features of individuals. What hackers worse advertisers? According to computer security experts, they will also create something similar, only for the purpose of profit.

For example, the viruses of the near future will learn to analyze user behavior on the Web - creating a list of the most interesting sites for a particular user, a call log using a VoIP protocol, working with e-mail, a profile in a social network. In general, a thorough study of the user's life on the web.

Such software will be created by hackers for various purposes, said Altschuler, a representative of the Israeli Ben Gurion Institute. For example, you can use the collected data to conduct blackmail. You can also use the information obtained to disclose the scheme of the company of the attacked user. Plus, the accuracy of the attack is significantly increased, which more effectively affects the availability of various data, including credit card numbers and other information of this kind.
Now malicious software works on the principle of carpet bombing "maybe someone hooks." And it should be noted hooks many hundreds of thousands of Internet users. True, hackers do not always get the desired information for many reasons, the main one being a defocused attack. But the “smart” malicious software will be able to more accurately “beat” on the target, capturing exactly the data that hackers need from the maximum number of users.

In general, it remains to wait not so much time, and we may face new types of attacks that will be much more dangerous than the previous ones - after all, having received detailed information about a specific user, hackers will be able to use such information to conduct more and more new attacks. Somehow it becomes even scary when you think about such prospects, right?

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