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NASA: space bases, aliens and conspiracy theories

The other day a curious and sometimes funny incident happened to one of the NASA aerospace agency pictures .

Original shot of Dione and Titan from Cassini

If the photo of the two moons of Saturn (Dione against the background of Titan) presented above, open in Photoshop and unscrew the contrast to the maximum, then all the "truth" will immediately come out:
If you unscrew the contrast, visible ears photoshop

The fact of retouching photographs was discovered by a certain DominatorPS3, he also posted a video on YouTube (it is now available here ), in which he removed covers. The video, however, was later deleted - its author stated that he was threatened with death if he didn’t remove the “evidence” - had to obey (it’s useless to go with the government).

If you look at the black divorce from the brush, erasing an incomprehensible object on the dark side of Dione, you can see the rainbow halo, which immediately gives rise to supporters of conspiracy theories for fantasies about the American (Russian? Chinese?) Military base, alien ship or some kind of mega fields that they are trying to hide from mere mortals (by uploading a retouched photo to the NASA section of the astronomical photo of the day).

NASA official reaction? You are welcome! Says Emily Lakdavalle, an employee who was directly involved in processing photos:

Cassini generates color photographs, taking three shots through red, green, and blue filters. In the process of sequential shooting of three frames, the satellite of Saturn, Dion, is moved and in all three photographs its position is different. If you simply combine all three colors, you get an incorrect photo with a triple colored Dione, so you have to combine the images manually, moving Dione and wiping the shadow in two of the three images - this is the shadow that forms the rainbow halo that is visible in the photo.

But the guy could have been killed, didn’t he take away the video from YouTube in time ...

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105892/

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