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Google created a robotic car

As it turned out, Google is not only creating unique Internet services or convenient communicators - now the corporation has tackled the problem of road safety. To solve the problem, developers create an automated control system for cars, which is able to drive a car without any human intervention. And this is not just an idea or a concept - quite working cars with such a system have already driven over 225 thousand (!) Kilometers. According to the developers, cars rolled such a mileage when traveling between company offices, plus a trip around Lake Tahoe and other places.

The developers say that to determine the safe path, robotic cars (they turned out to be several copies) use a single system of cameras, radar sensors, and laser. This system allows you to determine the condition of the road, including the presence of traffic jams, other cars, and other obstacles. In addition, every car from Google creates a detailed route map when traveling.
The project was created with the participation of "the best engineers from the DARPA Challenges project created by the US government." These engineers included Chris Urmson, the technical leader of this project, Mike Montemerlo, software developer for DARPA Challenges, Anthony Lewandowski, who created the world's first autonomous motorcycle that participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge, and who also created a modified Prius that delivered pizza without the driver.

Guglovtsy also noted that the main priority of the project is safety. Despite the reliability of the developed system, there was always a person inside the car who could take control in case of any problems. In addition, the car was responsible for the work of the software, which was sitting in the passenger seat.

According to representatives of the corporation, the project really decided to create after the WHO (World Health Organization) reported that more than 1.2 million people die on the roads every year. The developers believe that their project will help to significantly reduce the number of these losses, at least by half.

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