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Space game

The team of advanced concepts of the European Space Agency celebrated World Space Week (October 4-10) with the release of an online game with a straightforward name - “ The Space Game ”, in which the trajectories of movement between the planets are developed.

“Space game” is the first crowdsourcing experiment in the world in which you are given the role of a designer of interplanetary paths, with the goal of finding the best trajectories of movement through space. The interactive game is built entirely on HTML5 and invites everyone to try to develop economical, in terms of fuel use, motion paths for various bodies in the Solar System using a friendly interface.

The goal of the experiment is to try to get people of all ages and professions to come up with more effective strategies that will help improve the efficiency of modern computer algorithms. As part of the events organized throughout the world space week, the first task of the game - to reach Jupiter, using the least amount of fuel, will allow you to be in the hall of the best on the game site, as well as receive some valuable prizes from the European Space Agency.

In order to take part in the experiment you need to register and get an account. You can play the “Space game” without registration, but you cannot save and load in the process, as well as send your solutions.
The game will require a modern browser with support for HTML5 and Canvas. On the game site you can quickly check your favorite browser for compatibility.
The screencast specially prepared for this purpose will help to get used to the site and in the game itself.

To date, to the only proposed mission, 4,049 registered users submitted 1,733 solutions. The best result is 4569.21 days with an average speed of 9.178 km / s.

It is noted that this first test launch of the project will allow for a more precise adjustment of tools and algorithms. A full-fledged experiment is scheduled for January 2011.

Detailed information about world space week can be found on a special site .

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