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Intuition instead of business analysis?

All of us, probably, considering this or that new site, paid attention to the feelings arising from this. After all, it so happens that the site looks perfect, everything is beautiful and correct, however, there is a feeling of a certain aimlessness, uselessness of the site. You look at him and understand: "Not a tenant." And vice versa - a slightly clumsy interface, unfinished navigation, strange colors, but, nevertheless, there is a strong confidence in the good future of the portal.

Can you use these feelings?

This, at last, was noticed by researchers, though not British, but Indian. It turns out that about a year ago, the largest Indian software companies began to use the services of so-called “intuists”, that is, people who evaluate the future of the project not by the business plan and idea, but by appearance and other indirect signs.
Research conducted in the laboratory of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in the summer of 2008, showed that the risk assessment of the project by different people can be completely different. Statistics were collected on the correctness of the estimates of the success of the project. As it turned out, investors are mistaken quite often, despite the experience. In 30% of cases, it turned out that an excellent business plan and a good idea give nothing - the project was closed, despite funding and positive feedback from experts. At the same time, 35% of the estimated projects remained afloat and even developed, contrary to gloomy predictions.

On the basis of the studied projects, a survey was conducted among ordinary people. In a group of 70 people, two were found who rated the projects by the type of sites (as provided to the investor) with an accuracy of up to 95%. These two researchers were very interested and were invited to continue working in the incubator company MITCON Consultancy. Their whole job was to review the site - a contender for financial assistance. Naturally, they worked in parallel with a group of experts. The assessment of “intuists” was initially taken into account only indirectly, but after six months, the conclusions they issued began to take precedence over expert evaluations. (!)

According to the spokesman for MITCON, the number of successful projects since the hiring of “telepaths” has been creeping steadily. To the expert department, applications are transferred after consideration by its intuition department.

Despite the small statistics collected, the results are impressive and impressive in two ways at once. First, a radically new approach, unscientific, but working (which in itself is already a revolution), and secondly, it gives a reason to take a closer look at experts and consultants — do you really need fabulous sums paid for their assessment?

About myself I want to say that the article caused a strong association with the book of Philip Dick, which was based on the film “Minority Opinion”. And so these "intuists" floating in saline solution appear.

Special thanks for the help in translating I bring to my wife.

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