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Irisar centena

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Habravchane, I want to "congratulate" you on the significant date 10 \ 10 \ 10 10:10. As is customary for holidays with gifts. Especially for this date I have prepared a multi-color toolkit with a dynamic setting of a color palette.
You can use it in any of your (commercial and not) project, and the irisar and centesimo techniques will help you to modernize it for your interface.
More under the cut.

At the end of the post added a video demonstration of the color change through kuler.adobe.com


Rainbow Hundred

I'm lazy. No, I do not lie for days on the couch watching movies (although it happens), just lazy to do something that takes a lot of time and effort. My profession - an interface designer - in most cases consists of “a lot of time and effort”.

As I gained experience in my arsenal, a lot of techniques appeared that accelerate the process of creating interfaces, but most of all I am grateful to two - melting “centésimo” and irisar (please do not be intimidated by Spanish words, the sound of Spanish makes my heart tremble and I am happy to live and work with these sounds).

Centésimo — .
Irisar — .

The rule of "centésimo". Weaving.

When creating any graphic layout in Photoshop, be it a website, a button or a user interface, I ask myself a minimum module equal to a 10x10 pixel area (weaving pixels). Thanks to nothing inconspicuous rule, I can not think about the modular grid, the size and alignment of elements.

Irisar. Rainbow.

Today it is difficult to find someone associated with the provision of information and not familiar with the product of the company Adobe - Kuler. Kuler’s five-speed palettes are used by most designers in my work, I’m no exception. Using Photoshop - SmartObject in my work, I had an idea: why not take out all the colors in one “smart layer” and change it if necessary? .. This is how the Irisar was born, which allows the client to “Add the red one to all interface elements ". How does he work? Read on.

Birth of Centena Ce

It was decided to test techniques by creating a small toolkit (a set of elements for building the user interface). Sentena (from the Spanish language. - a hundred) was planned as a flexible set of elements, created entirely according to the methods of centesimo and irisar. The pursuit of a universal set for a hundred cases, with hundreds of possible colors.

The publication

Ten, one, one, zero. When is it not 10/10/10 at 10:10 to be released to the set - carrier named Centena? The package of elements will be expanded (I hope for your wishes), but you can download the current one right now (~ 600 Kb) and use it in any commercial project.

PS HQ jpeg

UPD. Demonstration of color changing work

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