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image Hello. Last Friday it was boring and did what I wanted for a long time - a service for viewing and visually comparing several different maps. As I usually have it: you look at any place on Google maps and you understand that it would be better to look at the same on maps from Yandex. What to do? Go to Yandex and re-search the place in the dense forests of Karelia, which you have just long and tediously searched for on Google. On mmaps.net you can switch from map to map with one click, while maintaining the location and scale of the map. Plus nothing extra - just a big map for the entire browser window.

Currently supported maps of five popular services: Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap.

If an interesting place is found, you can copy the link to the map with a flick of the mouse and send it to someone.
Well and, as usual, buttons for quick post links to the map in social networks and bookmarks: facebook, twitter, vkontakte, livejournal, digg, linkedin, bobrdobr and many others.

For an example, why else the service might be useful:
I did not know that the Ring Road in St. Petersburg is almost closed in a full ring. Google, Yandex and others still do not know. But on OpenStreetMap KAD is quite well alive and well.
Or here's a piece of the new promenade. OpenStreetMap knows the rest - no.
In general, it is always good to be able to see an alternative map, and not the one to which you are used.

Made for myself and my personal convenience, but maybe someone else will fit. It seems that there is no desire to add anything to the service, but if you advise, I will listen and thank you very much.

PS By the way, at the same time I found out that iframe-application on facebook is just elementary - it took about 15 minutes at the same time to find a place where to poke to create an application. I admit, this is what took the most time - I had to google.

PPS I almost forgot, I wanted to ask - are there any other decent cards with an API?

UPD Made memorization modes MAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105857/

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