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Bing learned to work with the archives of the National Library of France

Of course, “learned” is a bit of a wrong word, because developers, adding this or that function, “search” for search engines. This time, the archives of the French National Library were added to the database from which the search engine created by the developers of Microsoft operates. This happened after Microsoft executive director Steve Ballmer flew to Paris and signed an agreement to access the archives of this largest library with its director, Bruno Racine. It is worth noting that this library is one of the largest libraries in the world, it has several repositories, and already in 1988 this library consisted of 9 million printed books.

In addition, after the appearance of scanners, it was the National Library of France that digitized the most popular publications; you can find them here . The fact that Bing gained access to the archives of this library means that this search engine can now provide its users with a huge amount of content in digital form - not just pages, but entire books, many of which are truly unique. I also note that with other search services there is no agreement on access to the library’s digital archive - however, Bruno Racine agreed on the possibility of cooperation with other search services besides Microsoft Bing.

It is also interesting that this arrangement, so to speak, is without money, that is, the National Library of France does not receive remuneration from Microsoft for joint work. By the way, work with this library by large corporations became possible after the change of the previous director Jean Noel Jeanninot, who, for example, always refused to cooperate with a project such as Google Books.
In principle, we can expect Google to respond soon to a change in library management and to a cooperation agreement already signed with Microsoft. Now, Microsoft is diligently developing its own project on digitizing books and providing users of its search service with the digital fund of many organizations. Well, we can say that the software giant is still succeeding.

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