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Shoot the ring buoy

As you know, we love to write about various technical inventions and innovations. This invention struck us to the depths of the soul, because with it you can save at least one human life. It is strange that earlier no one had guessed this, because in fact it is very simple.


So, we present to you Longreach - a portable system that allows you to deliver a “life preserver” to a drowning person as quickly as possible and allow him to remain on the surface of the water until the rescuers sail to it.
To better understand the principle of action, the inventors even made a video. We look.

This invention of Australian scientists became the deserved winner of the James Dyson Competition , which presented works from 18 countries. The task for the contest was simple - to design a device that would solve the problem. What problem and how to solve it depends on the imagination of the inventors.

Indeed, there is such a problem - every year hundreds of people die from the fact that help does not come in a timely manner, even in places that are equipped with all the means necessary to ensure safety - lifebuoys, boats, rangers, etc.

Australians offered a way out of the problem of drowning people - a “grenade launcher” whose projectile grenade is a special “package” that is self-inflating (or made on the basis of a special rapidly expanding synthetic foam) that is activated from contact with water.


The tip of the projectile is made of soft material (so as not to kill the person already in trouble). The principle is simple - took aim at the drowning person, pressed a button and watch how a lifebuoy grows next to the victim. There are two projectiles in the device, so you can save two people at once, drowning at a distance from each other.


Shot range - about 150 meters. Agree, this distance is not so fast to overcome on the boat, and to leave the life buoy on its own will not work. So, there is no time, but with the help of this device you can really save a person’s life. Let's hope that its production will be adjusted and there will be fewer drowned people in the world.

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