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New Trojan steals Firefox user passwords

All new and new viruses come out "in the light" thanks to the efforts of virus writers, some of which are very talented. This energy would be yes to a peaceful course ... But what to dream about - let's better learn more about the new infection, which is especially dangerous for users of the much-loved Mozilla Firefox browser. So, a new virus, Trojan-PWS-Nslog, without the knowledge of the owner of the PC, can force the Firefox browser to save data (passwords / logins) of various sites visited by the user, and then transfers all this to its creator. A virus has been detected through the efforts of Webroot specialists. In the sequel - more detailed information about the malicious program.

So, Trojan-PWS-Nslog deactivates the option in Firefox, which causes the browser to prompt you to save the password / login when entering any site. The password / login link preservation feature is enabled by default in Firefox, and many of us work with it, glad that every time we visit websites, we don’t have to re-enter it all. But rejoice early. The fact is that Trojan-PWS-Nslog simply blocks the request to save a login / password, silently saving all this data to a local file.
To achieve this, the virus simply adds a few lines of code and comments on some other code sections in the nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file from the Firefox folder.

The virus then creates a new Maestro account in Windows, collects data from the “Protected Storage” browser of Internet Explorer, from the password store of the Firefox browser, and tries to send all the stolen data to the hacker who created the virus. True, the domain that was used by the attacker to obtain data has already been closed. It is worth noting that inside the virus you can find some information about the author of this software - there is a link to his Facebook page and his email.

As it turned out, the author is an Iranian who decided to distinguish himself in this way. In his Facebook account there is also a free keylogger for Windows users.

According to experts, getting rid of the virus is not so difficult - you just need to reinstall Firefox. It is clear that before this you need to neutralize the virus itself, experts from Webroot offer for this purpose their own antivirus software.

In addition, the guys from Webroot recommend disabling the automatic saving of login / password in Firefox.

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