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Non-social VKontakte - the concept of the service "username requested to transfer"

There are many annoying aspects of interaction in social networks, which are usually discussed as privacy problems of varying degrees of abstraction. The inability to delete your personal page, the awareness that all correspondence with all users remains forever in the hands of third parties, as part of a confidentiality agreement, obsessive requirements to indicate your mobile number and use only your real name and surname - all these "laws" were introduced gradually, the administration of VKontakte, each time confronting us with a choice: “if you want to continue communication, obey our requirements.”

Many people are making noise around the loss of privacy, but displeased rumbling, virtual suicide machines, days of getting out of social networks have become a common element of strengthening virtual states. Someone points to the too primitive basis of the social network, which is not able to cover the whole range of social relations between people only by “add to friends”, someone sees the future in an incredibly fine-tuning of communication channels within the social network so that they can see the photo for their relatives only relatives, and a photo from the party, only those who were there.

However, we somehow imperceptibly lost the effect of “virtualization” of our personality, with which the dominant social networks are so actively fighting. “Virtualization” gave us control over the privacy and the extent to which we revealed our identity on the Internet allowed us to effectively manage information about our personal lives. This is what ultimately took away from us on VKontakte, we gradually acquired our unique passport on the Internet, which politicians dreamed of in the nineties.

I propose to regain the opportunity to remain a “virtual person”, and at the same time continue to use all the (or almost all) joys of social networking as necessary. The concept of the service “username requested to transfer” can be implemented in two ways, both by creating an add-on for the social network and by the client program for working with VKontakte, since the developers have given us many tools to implement our plans.

The point of entry into the social network for our service should be the base of abandoned accounts. Using authorization through one of them, our service will allow us to write private messages beginning with “username asked to transfer, ...”, and I suppose there are ways to leave comments, write on the walls - the VKontakte API has great functionality, and script solutions can effectively add it. Pay attention to the possibilities of the same vkbot.ru

To maintain feedback, our service can assign randomly certain accounts on VKontakte to you for a specific time, after which personal data inside them can be deleted. This can give us a basis for creating a meta-social network in which our vision on privacy and personal identity will be realized. This concept, of course, leaves many unresolved issues, but I do not see a single principal that could prevent its implementation.

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