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If we are not able to produce, then we are not able and possessed

image My goal is simplicity.
The economic principle is labor.
The moral principle is the right of man to his work.
The well-being of the producer depends, ultimately, also on the benefits he brings to the people.

I offer you a small selection of quotes from the book “My life, my achievements” by Henry Ford. The phrase "they have not lost relevance" has long been beaten, but nevertheless it is so, judge for yourself.

“In my opinion, a person is different and cannot be how to be constantly at work. During the day, he should think about her, and at night - he dreams of her. The idea of ​​doing your job at the office hours, getting started for it in the morning and throwing it in the evening — and not returning a thought to it until the next morning — seems to be very good. It can even be done quite simply, if only we agree to have someone whole life over ourselves, to be employees, perhaps even independent employees, anything, but not directors or responsible managers. For a man of physical labor, it is even necessary to limit his working hours - otherwise he will soon exhaust his strength. If he intends to remain all his life in physical labor, he must forget about his work at the moment when the factory beep sounds. But if he wants to go ahead and achieve something, then the dial tone for him is only a signal to reflect on his working day and find how he would do better than the former. ”
“Works as much as you like. Business is nothing but work. ”

“By legislation, little can be achieved: it is never constructive.”

“As long as we expect legislation to heal poverty and eliminate privileges from the world, we are destined to contemplate how poverty grows and privileges multiply.”

"For the enterprise it is invariably harmful if there is no need to strain."

“To have money is absolutely necessary, but one should not forget that the purpose of money is not idleness, but the increase of funds for useful service.”

“I have nothing against the general tendency to ridicule new ideas. It is better to be skeptical of all new ideas and demand proof of their correctness than chasing after any new idea in a state of continuous circulation of thoughts. Skepticism, which coincides with caution, is the compass of civilization. There is no such idea that would be good only because it is old, or bad because it is new; but, if the old idea was justified, then this is strong evidence in its favor. The ideas themselves are valuable, but every idea is, after all, just an idea. The task is to put it into practice. ”

PS The whole book can be read here. If you get hooked on other quotes, I suggest to discuss them in the comments.

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