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Chromium 8 and V8 Update Javascript Benchmark Suite

So, as long as users understand Google Chrome 6, developers are picking on Google Chrome 7 beta versions, The Chromium Authors have rolled out geeks Chromium 8 to trial. Chromium) update / test channels can be easily. But the appearance of version 8 of Chromium suggests that Google Chrome Stable 7 will appear on users' computers very soon. And miraculously, despite all the cries of Microsoft about hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 9, Chrome will be the first browser of the big five with all these miracle buns, and not all alpha-beta-gamma-canary builds from different manufacturers. Now that can be noticed in different update channels in Chromium 8.

Google Chrome 7

I will say at once that it is very difficult to keep track of all the innovations, since assemblies of different update channels appear with an enviable frequency. For example, looking at the reports of the developers of Chromium 8 today and yesterday, you can be horrified - minor assemblies appear at intervals of 2-3 minutes. But something can be understood. The main feature of the upcoming Google Chrome 7 will be:
1. Hardware acceleration
2. Supports 3D CSS3 Transform
3. Enable WebGL support by default.
4. Disable the built-in plug-in blocker.
5. Expanded HTML5 Support
And all these innovations will be available in Google Chrome Frame, which recently moved to the status of Stable. That is, on certain sites, even Internet Explorer 6 will meet web standards (unfortunately, minus the plug-in - it works only on certain Google pages, forced launch with a prefix will not be popular).

On October 7, the next beta version was updated , so there were only a few days left before the release of the “Seven points”.

Chromium 8

But with Chromium 8 is still more interesting. Users of this browser will receive, I am not afraid to say, a full-fledged operating system. Google Web Store is already taking applications with might and main, and Chromium acquires heavyweight functions, namely:
1. Run installable web applications separately from the browser. A similar model works in Opera widgets.
2. Remoting. Mysterious function, which is not clear what he is doing, but, according to marks in the logs, designed to work with remote applications. At the moment, this function, even included, does not change anything.
3. Cloud printing. Again, when enabled, nothing gives us, but on the Web there is a scheme for the operation of this function:

4. WebKit's XSS Auditor. Component to protect against cross-site scripting. It first appeared in the fourth Google Chrome, but was disconnected due to a bunch of glitches. After 4 versions, the function returns.
5. The function of disabling obsolete components. This function will ensure that all plugins are fresh versions. At the same time, if the version of plug-ins is outdated, and they have vulnerabilities, then Chromium will disable them, and also offer to download the new version.
6. Google Instant Omnibox. The similar function of the Live Search in the Chromium omnibox (address bar). As letters are typed, search results appear.
Whether something else will be added is still unknown, but it is enough for us to get another Internet processor, besides Opera. In general, get ready for the release of Chromium OS.
All features can be enabled in Google Labs .
Google V8 JavaScript Benchmark Suite Revision 6

Google has updated its benchmark. They did not change anything cardinal, but removed the extra code, added a number of functions, corrected some errors.

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