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Buying Adobe - Why?

After reading the topic “ Is Microsoft going to buy Adobe? ”, I (as I am sure of many others) instantly started thinking “Why? What for? Why now? ”And so on. In fact, there are many reasons why Microsoft would benefit from this acquisition. But in my opinion, factors have emerged due to which this acquisition is not only beneficial for Microsoft, but also necessary .

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First, allow a little about the reasons that are just “good reasons” and that's it.
First of all, this, of course, is Flash, and thoughts on this topic have already been voiced in comments to the previous topic. Microsoft has Silverlight, which is a direct competitor to Flash, and even despite the technical superiority in some aspects, it is still significantly inferior to flash in terms of prevalence. Flash plays into the hands of what it already is , what it is for a long time , and literally millions of applications and games are written on it. The maximum that I personally have so far met in Silverlaid is some video broadcasts. But I, of course, will not derive a general pattern from my own experience.

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Go ahead. Of course, the second thing that begs (and for some it even goes first) is the Adobe Creative Suite. Famous Photoshop "and the company." From the point of view of pressure on the main competitor in the market of desktop operating systems, this would be an excellent trump card (in addition to the MS Office). Well, the rest of the potential competitors (we will not call, so as not to provoke holivar), you can kick the wings right away, hacking at the root of the hope of having a native Photoshop.


But the most important thing, it seems to me, is not that. These were all reasons why it would be good to buy Adobe. And the reason why you just need to buy, in my opinion, lies in something else: in Adobe AIR.

Why? To answer this question, it’s enough just to put together some recent news:
Adobe AIR for Android
Adobe AIR for iOS
BlackBerry PlayBook with Adobe AIR support

That is a little bit more - and Adobe AIR will become something that developers haven’t dreamed of for mobile systems since Java ME: a unified environment for developing applications for the 3 leading mobile platforms at the moment. And all this is exactly at the time of the release of Windows Phone 7. Worse than you can imagine.


The first option is to introduce support for Adobe AIR in WP7. What does it mean a) to become the fourth platform among the rest and b) to abandon its original ideology, which was laid in WP7. Of course, Microsoft will not do this. Just can't go.
The second option is to prevent such a development of events at any cost. And the only way the MS can do this is to buy Adobe and make adjustments to the course of events. And in my opinion, this is exactly what is happening now.

If I missed something - welcome to the comments. Objections and additions are extremely welcome.

Disclaimer : all voiced is exclusively the author's fantasies, based on real publicly available facts without any admixture of any “inside” information and no claim to truth.

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