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Bit.ly continues to grow

It seems that the link reduction business is not such a bubble as it seemed at first. The leader in this market, Bit.ly, continued good growth even after it was no longer a shortcut on default on Twitter. Daily traffic through it already makes 200 million clicks per day.

The phenomenon clearly went beyond Twitter. Now Twitter provides only a third of Bit.ly traffic (60% in December last year).
Today it became known that the startup received a new tranche of venture capital investments in the amount of $ 8.9 million. Bit.ly staff has already grown to 17 people, and 3,000 companies and 1,000 individual users have paid paid accounts. And although Libya has recently closed several sites in its national domain, Bit.ly business is still out of concern.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105813/

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