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AppContest organizers met developers

Probably, only the most lazy did not hear about the competition for Android developers which is being strongly promoted by i-Free. True, the first topic on the habr was so angry with habrovchan that the author even deleted it, apparently there was a complete Holocaust in the comments. Meanwhile, most of the indignant developers were absolutely right - the rules of the competition, or rather the filing of an application in the nomination "Android Application" were lengthy wording, the essence of which was as follows - the developer had to send the source code of the application. It took a couple of weeks for i-Free to surrender and review several points of the rules at once.

It all started with the topic on the Android Forums :

What kind of competition is it then, if you need to send the source?
Actually, the item on copyright clearly shows that this is all razvodilovo. For about 160 thousand. They get a bunch of ready-made software with source code and full rights to use it as you like (for example, for sale in the market).

Usually, the organizers of such contests do not meet the requirements of the public, and, having ordered the promotion, sit quietly and wait for applications. However, a representative of the organizing committee appeared in the subject and within a day (not without trying to explain that everyone did not understand everything so well) the most important changes for the developers were made to the rules .
First, as an application, it is now enough to send an application. Source codes will be asked to demonstrate (at least on their own laptop) only if they win.
Secondly, the geography is increased. For me, by the way, it was generally a bit strange to find out that previously only Russians were invited to participate in the competition. IMHO, this is some kind of oversight, as there are a lot of developers in Belarus and Ukraine, no less than in Russia. Now all developers from the CIS countries can take part.
Thirdly, the deadline for submission of applications increased until October 30, which allows almost any developer to have time to submit an application.

For the first time, I encounter the fact that the organizing company of the competition actually bends under the participants, which is good news. You look, in addition to a dozen concepts of new services, we can really observe the demonstration of developments from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the near abroad. Well, once bent under the requirements of developers - it is unlikely that judging will be biased. If they wanted to cut the budget, they would give in bids from their own comrades.

Ps. And the voting was never screwed up - it’s unclear how to choose the owner of the tablet

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105811/

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