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Autumn School Semantic Web at ITMO

The threshold of entry into the Semantic Web is not that high, but the first couple of weeks have to rake up a terrible mess of standards, languages, tools, and an impressive mathematical apparatus, reflecting on the fact that of all this mess is most useful.
Our seminars are intended for those who have heard of the semantics of the web, but did not understand
  1. what it is,
  2. why is it good and finally
  3. how to use it.
Some of the St. Petersburg lovers of everything semantic have already managed to go on a remarkable course of lectures by B.Yu.Konev “Ontologies and knowledge representation”. I highly recommend anyone who has not done this to watch the video of these lessons - there is excellent material on the descriptive logic.
Unlike Boris Yuryevich, we are not serious English professors, but just a small laboratory in a small St. Petersburg institute. And we will not talk about the intricacies of tabular algorithms, but about how to write in RDF, how to request data using SPARQL, how to make such ontologies so that it is not disgusting to look at them. In addition, we will try to explain why the Linked Data community abroad is gaining such popularity, how the Semantic Web approaches are used for programming corporate applications, and what benefits we get from all this.
Now a brief description:

It is very useful to bring a laptop with you, because there will be many master classes.
We also invite everyone to the conference on the semantic web. There will be two days of the conference: at the first plenary session from the bison of artificial intelligence and knowledge representation, as well as company representatives, and further reports from representatives of the Russian semantic Web community. This event will be December 4-5. Reports are accepted until November 15! Registration (even as a listener) is required and the registration deadline is open.


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