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Yandex.Music vs vKontakte

Recently, the Yandex.Music project manager Denis Tanayev was interviewed by Look At Me , talking about the launch of a legal service for listening to music, the problems of interaction with labels and the prospects for the development of streaming and cloud services in Russia.
At the same time, Gala Records holding is suing “V Kontakte” and “My World @ Mail.Ru” for the illegal distribution of music.
True to this, representatives of Gala Records were set up peacefully and tried to negotiate out of court.
After all, the actual picture is such that challenging the primacy of social networks for the distribution of music content in the network is not yet out of the question.
What do you think, what are the prospects for legal services, such as Yandex.Music in Russia? Will they be able to overcome vKontakte?
Will “piracy” services like vKontakte come to terms with labels?


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105808/

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