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Google TV on the way

Back in May, I wrote about the fact that Intel, Google, Sony and Logitech began work on a project from which the “second round of television” could begin.


Next week, everything will officially spin, spin, but for now - a little fresh information.

On October 12, at the presentation in New York, Sony will present its first Internet TV, based on the Intel Atom processor (CE series) and the Google TV platform.

The famous American chain of electronics stores, Best Buy, has already launched an advertising campaign “ What is the difference? », Explaining to customers how a full-fledged Internet TV differs from a regular TV connected to the Internet using a set-top box or a computer.

As Best Buy explains, both types of technology allow you to download content from popular services like Netflix, Napster and Facebook using installable applications, however, new Internet TVs will allow you to use the browser and full video search: Google TV does not make much difference between videos downloaded by subscription, or found in the depths of YouTube.

You ask what is Logitech doing in the first paragraph list? That's right - as expected, they will release a separate solution for those who are not ready to get a completely new "smart" TV. I think very few people subscribed to the Logitech newsletter, but they recently announced the Revue set-top box, the first device with the Intel Atom CE4100 processor, capable of settling the Google TV platform on almost any TV.


Revue connects to a TV or cable box using HDMI, and to the Internet using cable or Wi-Fi. After that, Google TV’s smart stuff comes into play, giving access to the Internet, cable and satellite broadcasting, applications and video calls.


Video calls will require a separately sold HD camera equipped with a wide-angle lens with a variable focal length - it will turn the TV into a huge videophone that captures the image from the entire room. A review of such cameras was already on our site - once and twice .


There are other accessories - a wireless keyboard with a sensor zone is supplied with the device right away, however, it can be replaced with a separately purchased wireless mini-controller, resembling a gameplay and keyboard hybrid:


Revue has various applications installed that organize access to Flickr photos, YouTube videos and Pandora music. If this is not enough, then there is a Chrome browser on board.


In addition, a separate application called Harmony synchronizes Revue and iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) or any device based on Android.


image Excerpt from technical specifications: support for Full HD and 60 frames per second (games — yes, stereo — no), two USB ports for peripheral devices, and an optical S / PDIF output for connecting a stereo system.

Sales of the console will begin in the US at a price of $ 299. The appearance of the device in other markets will most likely be anticipated by the conclusion of contracts with regional right holders and large content providers - for example, in the same states such companies as HBO, CNBC, Amazon and Netflix.

Both the media and well-known media market players are showing increased interest in the Google TV platform. Not surprisingly, according to Ericsson ConsumerLab research , 93% of TV viewers in the United States, China and Western Europe still watch regular television, but more than 70% download or watch TV shows on the Internet.

The competition in the market of digital broadcasting and Internet TV is also growing - more recently, deliveries of a new version of the set-top box Apple TV have begun. It looks beautiful as always, however, the 99-dollar set-top box still doesn’t know how to launch applications and output a signal in 1080p mode, which may be a crucial moment for many high-definition television fans.


In any case, healthy competition only benefits the end user.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105806/

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