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Windows Phone 7 launched on HTC HD2

20 minutes ago, Cotulla , one of the developers on XDA-Dev, posted on his twitter the following message:

... " okay ... wanna news? yes, they shocked even myself. Look this video on video: cotulla.pp.ru/leo/WP7S/VIDEO0243.mp4 This is just demo :-) "

Translated: "Do you want news? Yes, she shocked even me ... Look at the video: cotulla.pp.ru/leo/WP7S/VIDEO0243.mp4 This is just a demo :) "
And a little later - another entry

... " Future will show all. "
Translation: “Remember, these are all tests of the DFT team, please do not ask about the release date, etc. Please do not bother with questions ... The future will show "

On my own, this is quite a considerable progress in porting WP7 to one of the most powerful devices from HTC, let's hope that Cotulla and the team will succeed :)

UPD : www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeXfXWsXMA4 that same video from Twitter Cotulla.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105802/

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