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Mac Games

Until recently, not the most powerful video cards were installed in Macs. Makovtsy responded to the reproaches of PC users that if everything works fine, then why more? And they were right, but now the situation is changing and what? Will the games be specifically tailored to lower requirements? Of course, for example, in the latest MacBook pro there is a very good mobile 8600 (in the next series, nvidia will catch up with ati five years ago by the names of video art 9600xt, etc. =), although iron maniacs may argue. But iMacs, MacBooks and still do not have integrated solutions from intel. In general, Apple did some strange actions at the last conference, but in the future they may become important when a person chooses a laptop. Sellers will no longer be able to say "your toys will not go on it", take Acer better with an additional 10 years of service ...

By the way, I don’t know anything about the Direct X analog for Mac. What is its name and how powerful is it, so to speak? Can he be a worthy competitor to Direct X?

Already released games.


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