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The number of patents beats all records

The number of patents granted for January-October 2010 is already more than the total for 2009.

On October 5, the US Patent Office (USPTO) granted a 168,000th patent for the current calendar year. If the pace continues, by January it will be issued about 33–36% more than last year (167,350). The absolute record of 2006 (173,772) will be broken very soon.

This is an impressive achievement, given the fact that the USPTO recently worked without the usual tension, canceled overtime shifts for its employees and hired just a couple of new examiners who are involved in analyzing patent applications.
It seems that exactly what the supporters of patent reform warned about: the level of critical analysis of applications has declined dramatically. The risk of patent absurd "invention" has risen, which can then become a tool in the hands of patent trolls. This year the market has received a bunch of bad patents, and the consequences of this will soon be felt.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105798/

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